You don't have to change everything overnight. You don't need to be vegan, paleo, mediterranean or vegetarian. The goal is the find the (insert your name here) diet. Find the foods that work for you and eat those foods. We all have our own unique metabolisms and challenges. For example, I am not against eating meat at all - but I don't because I have high cholesterol. 

The Golden Rule of finding foods that work for you is this: Eating should not make you tired.

If it does you either ate something your system doesn't agree with or... and much more likely, your portion size was too big. Our metabolism for food works the same as our metabolism for alcohol. 

It's an accepted fact that everyone has a different tolerance for drinking. I want you to understand we also have a different tolerance for calories in general but starchy carbs and sugar specifically. Focus on you. Find your path. Use exercise to turbo charge the weight loss benefits of a healthy diet:):):) You can do this!

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