Your diet should not be named after someone else (i.e. "Paleo, Atkins etc.). Our metabolisms, especially for processed carbs and sugars are unique. We must find our what works for us.  

Here's how to find YOUR DIET guidelines: 

  1. Eating should not make you tired.

  2. Hunger is felt in the belly. Cravings are in your head. Remember that.

  3. Create a food journal and write down everything you eat. Make a note about how you feel after eating. If you feel tired, eat less of that item or scrap it completely. If it's a starchy carb (bread, pasta, rice, etc) - try lowering the portion and pair it with a protein.  

  4. Drink water all the time. And then some….

  5. There is really no such thing as too many green veggies in a day. 

  6. Fruit is a good thing.

  7. Fish is good thing

  8. Red meat and poultry are ok (in moderation) if you like it and ok if you don't.

  9. Dairy is ok 

***For #8 and #9: See your doctor and get your blood work. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, High or low blood sugar will largely effect what foods are good for YOUR DIET.