There is no greater knowledge than the knowledge of knowing our bodies. In previous post, I have talked about the importance of tracking calories - especially at the beginning of weight loss effort. But let's play it forward. Let's start from the finish. Let's say you have achieved your ideal weight or a weight that your comfortable with. How do you avoid your weight creeping back up again? 

Establish a Red Flag Weight.  This is the weight that you absolutely refuse to go above. I believe in weighing myself everyday. It's the first thing I do every morning after going to the restroom. The number on the scale is a great motivator on how my day will go. If I am at my Red Flag weight or within 2 pounds of it. I am 100% going to the gym, going for a run or jumping rope. Also, a high number makes me think back on what I ate the day before. Not only "what" but "when?" Thinking about how food choices and meal times affect our individual metabolisms is one of the smartest things we can do. Not all calories effect all people the same way

Weighing yourself everyday and analyzing how different foods effect your weight, mood and sleep patterns is key in keeping the weight off. 

When I first started tracking calories, I weighed 217 pounds. My goal was to get to 180 pounds. I discovered that once I got in the 180's, I liked the way I looked and I could maintain that weight without killing myself. My red flag weight became 190. Recently, I have decided to take it up a notch and my new red flag weight is 183. This morning I weighed 181:):):)

I realize for many people the idea of weighing themselves daily does not sound like a good idea. However not weighing yourself daily when you're not working out everyday is like not opening your mail. The bills are still there. They are not going to pay themselves. Establish your Red Flag weight. Weigh yourself every morning after going to restroom and before drinking water (hydrate before you caffeinate). If you're below your number maybe you don't have to workout that day. If you're above your number - you gotta pay the bills:) 

One note for women: Your weight will fluctuate pretty drastically with your monthly cycle. Know this and don't stress over a few days of high numbers dispute exercise and clean eating. It's a sure indicator that "Girl Time" is on the way.