One question I get often is: "So when do you workout Errick?" 

Obviously, I workout but not as often as you would think - if you're counting a "workout" as a dedicated half hour to an hour by myself. That rarely happens. I workout with my athletes. I do what I've come to call Incremental Fitness. Getting results from working out and eating clean  can be very similar to saving pocket change in a jar. Have you ever done that? Have you ever thrown your pocket change in a big glass jar everyday till it filled up and then were totally surprised at the amount of money in the jar when you took it to the bank? 

Burning calories works the same. You don't need a dedicated hour to workout and see results. But you do need a hour of exercise 5-6 times a week and a 80% or better clean diet to see results. Incremental fitness is dividing that hour of exercise into short burst of activity throughout your day. Just like you don't need to deposit large sums into your saving account to see results. We don't have to despot large sums of calories to see results.

But just like with saving money, you have to deposit consistently.  

I am a huge believer in calorie tracking. You must keep track of what you eat and the calories you burn via exercise - at least in the beginning. You to really learn what your body needs from you to lose the extra weight, give you energy and make you happy.

Using a calorie tracker is an excellent way to motivate yourself to exercise often. Knowing what you need to accomplish at the bringing of the day and having a plan to do to so can be a powerful motivator.  

At the beginning of your day choose an activity that you can do in 5 min increments throughout the day at your job. You're increments can be longer or shorter as time allows. Let say you choose walking up and down stairs for five min. Enter it into your calories burned and see what you get. I call this: Prelogging.  My favorite calorie tacking website is Using the MyPlate calorie tracker on the site I see that I will burn 56 calories if I walk up and down stairs for 5 min. WOW! Just knowing that is motivation to break away from your office for a "quickie" 5 min walk up and down the stairs. You won't work up enough sweat to need a shower and you got it in! Set your goal to do that 5 times throughout the day and you have just burned 280 calories! This is just one example of how incremental fitness works:):):)

 Thank you so much for reading as always: Eat clean. Drink water. Workout and attack your day!