Let me just start by saying if I could have all the money I've spent on supplements in my life back, I could probably buy a new car.  Here is my opinion: 

You don't need supplements to get the body you want. 

Going back to high school, I have taken pretty much every legal supplement sold in the major supplement stores. Like most men, I wanted to be big and ripped. And like most men, I read bodybuilding magazines. Since I got my workout ideas from those magazines, I worked out like a bodybuilder. I worked in "splits." A split in bodybuilding refers to your training schedule. Workouts are broken down into muscle groups. There is a "chest day," "leg day," "back day," etc. The idea is you train one or two muscle groups per workout but you work them to exhaustion, then let them recover while you train other muscle groups the rest of the week. 

This method of working out WORKS…if you're a bodybuilder. What I mean is: if you have the time to hit the gym 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and you want to get really big and strong -- train like this. But wait! There's more. In bodybuilding there are 2 phrases: 1) the growth phrase (getting big). 2) the cutting phrase (getting ripped). It's the second phase (getting ripped) that most men never get to. Anyone wants to go the gym, throw some heavy weights around and then eat tons of food and protein shakes, etc. all under the guise of "getting big."  

Getting ripped in the bodybuilding world requires hours and hours of mind-numbing cardio, usually walking uphill on a treadmill. Not fun. The idea is that if you run or do something more active you will lose your hard earned muscle (muscles are always "hard-earned" in the bodybuilding magazines). 

So what happens is people like myself keep repeating the same cycle. Getting motivated. Getting supplements. Getting to the gym and getting stronger but never really looking any better with our shirts off due to lack of diet and not enough caloric burn during the workout to accommodate all the extra calories we are taking in. 

In fact, what really happens is the "working out part" of your latest motivation dies off but the "eating big phase" is slower to leave. So in many cases people end up gaining weight (I did). It took me 34 years to discover for myself what I am about tell you. If you want the most amount of muscle tone with the least amount of body fat. If you want to look better naked and you have only an hour a day 3-5x a week to spend in the gym, using a bodybuilding style workout may not be the right choice for you. If you want a total body improvement it is key that you do total body workouts including cardio - for most of your workouts. No back day. No chest day. No leg day. Work all your major muscle groups - every workout and do cardio.