Many times we say to ourselves or we hear someone say, "I just don't have enough time" or "There are not enough hours in the day." We are a busy population, but are we really as busy as we lead ourselves to belief? I say: "Not really." 

We are in charge of how we spend every minute of every day. If you think about the time you spend that is dedicated to someone's else's wishes and subtract it out, I think you might be surprised at how much time you have to do whatever you want.

If you're reading this I assume you want to change your life. You want to be more fit, more happy, more balanced. That's who I am writing to. I am writing to the busy people who could be more effective. And I am writing to myself as much as I am writing to you. In order to reach our goals in life we must constantly be working towards them. Every little bit of time put towards our goals matter. And this statement counts for all goals: fitness, personal, and career. As I always say: "We gotta get it in." 

Getting it in can be a quick blog post at 6am that will one day be part of a book (career).

It can be a quick walk around the block to take a break from the computer and burn some extra calories (fitness).

A quick trip to take out the trash and do the dishes so your spouse will walk into a clean kitchen (personal).

It all matters and it all adds up. Any little thing you can do for yourself or someone else matters.

You might be wondering how cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash equals "me time." 

I say to you this: Doing nice things for your partner is working ON YOU. The better your relationship, the better you feel. But just like everything good in life, you gotta work at it. And it's not all roses (as in buying them). It's "roll up your sleeves" up and get after it in the kitchen, in the yard, etc. Whatever it is you know the other person would like to see you do without them asking... Do that. It will help you. 

I know I want to publish a book someday, and in a perfect world I would take 6 weeks off. Go to the mountains, set up shop in my father in law's cabin and write. But…that's not reality. That will never happen. I have too many things to do. And even if I did do that, I would probably procrastinate  and not get anything done. So what I am going to do? Give up? NO WAY. I gotta get it in! I gotta write whenever the spirit hits me. I gotta get the good stuff in my head down on paper. And you know what - It will all be a book someday:):):) It will all add up. So I challenge you.

What is your goal? What is it you want to do, and why aren't you working on it right now:):):)