The 2 worst things you can do in a boxing match are: 

1.  Get mad. 

If you get mad in a boxing match and start trying to "beat up" your opponent you will start taking risks and making bad decisions: 

  • Throwing wild punches with no defensive move after the punch. 
  • Going to hard and running out of stamina, thus opening you up for your opponents offense.

 2.  Lose focus

If you lose focus in a boxing ring you will do one or more of the following: 

  • Not hold your hands up. Read: no defense. 
  • Move in the wrong direction Read: into instead of away from your opponents punches.
  • Not moving after scoring a blow. Do this and you will not only lose buy you may lose by knockout.

These same two principles apply to life.  The 2 worst things you can do in life are: 

1.  Get mad
When we start thinking things like: 
FML, Why me?, I'm terrible at X,Y, Z etc... This opens us up to more negative thoughts (blows from life) and soon we find ourselves down and out. In addition, we might start throwing wild punches with no defensive move after the punch (Example: quit your job, without a new job)

Don't get mad. Keep your defense up and counter punch with positive thoughts and actions:):):)  Examples: 

Negative blow from life: "You didn't workout today." 
Defense and counter: "True but my next meal is going to be super clean." 

Negative blow from life: "I hate my job"
Defense and counter: "Yes. So I will use my free time to find a new job, it's much easier to find a job when you have a job." 

Negative blow from life: "My workout sucked" 
Defense and counter: "No. The only workout that sucks is a missed workout, today is better than I used to be." 

2.  Lose focus
When we lose focus in life we do the same things as a fighter who loses focus in the ring. 
We don't hold our defensive (positive thoughts) up, we start moving in the wrong direction and maybe most important - we don't keep moving after a success. 

In boxing, no matter how hard you hit your opponent, you have to move afterwards. You can't just stand there. If you do, chances are you are going to hit back. In life we score our blows (get things done) but when we do, we just can't stand there.

We have to stay focused and KEEP MOVING, keep scoring (getting more things done) keep blocking negative with positive and counter punching life with positive thoughts and actions:):)