There is a reason it's called personal training. 

I typically work with an athlete 2-3 times a week. Our first session is to assess your fitness level and have you tell me your personal goals. 

Every time you meet with me, you will have your best workout every workout.


We want results. I will push you hard. We are not here to chit-chat. 

If you workout with me for 90 days or for years, we will never do the same workout twice.  When muscles fail, muscles change - and changing things up will keep both you and your body motivated! 

Every day I text my Athletes. Again, it's not just about how many miles you run - it's the gas you put in the tank. My text may be related to drinking water or a reminder to get up from your desk and move.  I don't mass text everyone - that's not the point. Every Athlete's journey is unique.